Christopher Moryl

From a very young age Chris found that he had a passion for the arts. He found himself drawing everything around him and realized early on that design would be a major focus in the future. Growing up with a love of art and seeing the possibilities with integrating technology in design, he sought to learn animation and 3D design.In college, Chris not only learned animation, but he also discovered that the online world was only starting out with basic design elements. This prompted him to study web development, seeing that online media would quickly need more interactive and creative input.

Chris graduated with a B.S. degree in 3D animation, which launched him into a career in the video game industry, first working on game design and development. He developed games for Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo, Sony Playstation, as well as PC platforms. Chris then transitioned to branding and strategic game marketing, where he developed online and print campaigns as well as designed packaging for games.

Chris has since transitioned to corporate marketing, working first with Samsung Electronics, then with Transperfect, a language technology leader, to develop branding and marketing initiatives for different divisions. With extensive knowledge of Macromedia Flash, Chris was been able to combine his experience in gaming and to develop simple games that have been incorporated into interactive cd-roms for the consumer electronics, technology and gaming industries.

Chris has had extensive experience working on graphical user interface (GUI) designs. He has worked side-by-side with programmers and engineers to develop corporate dashboards, video game interfaces, and online application

Early on in his career, Chris realized that knowing programming would enhance his design abilities and he sought to master not only the design aspect of projects, but also the back-end. Not only has this has allowed him to quickly troubleshoot design projects, but it also gave him better insight on how to integrate graphic elements with different technology platforms.

Over the years, Chris has worked on various marketing campaigns, from developing websites, product packaging, trade show booth design, to print advertising. He has created presentations and sales collateral for business development purposes and for corporate client presentations.

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Pamela Moryl

From day one Pamela was always interested in art. When all of the other kids were playing with dolls and trucks, Pamela was drawing! Spending her afternoons as a child Pamela attended Montserrat School of the Arts. Later on she attended Pingree Prep, a high school in South Hamilton that specialized in the arts and sports.After receiving her BFA in Photography from Syracuse University in 2003, Pamela moved to New York City and took a job as a Junior Designer with photography experience at The Abelson Company, a small advertising company in mid-town Manhattan.

After two years, looking to advance her career, Pamela took a job at Lehman Brothers as a Graphic Designer in the marketing department. Spending three years at Lehman Pamela developed a much larger graphic design skill set. Working on large and small scale projects in a very fast-paced environment with tight deadlines gave her the design tools and know-how she needed to move forward with her own company.

After the unfortunate collapse of Lehman Brothers Pamela branched out and started her own design company. Since founding PRG Designs, Pamela has worked with a variety of different clients on projects that range from designing annual reports, brochures, conference materials, advertisements, logos and branding, posters, to mass mailers.

Now collaborating with partner Christopher Moryl, she has co-founded studio12j with full web and design consulting capabilities.

Pamela lives and works in Golden, Colorado.

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