About Studio12j

Over a decade of experience in creative media development and corporate marketing design. Studio12j has compiled a diverse body of work, ranging from corporate marketing and branding, online marketing and video game development for some of the world’s best titles and brands.

Innovative Ideas

Always looking outside the box at new ideas is where we exceed. Our creativity & passion drive us.

A Love of Design

Enabling us to expand our creative abilities on projects helps everyone see that its not just another project.

Proven Results

Our Clients share improved business results while increasing the brands visual identity in the world.

Explore The Studio

Visit some of Studio12j’s past design and marketing work. Our experience and marketing speaks for itself.

Branding & Identity

By updating and existing brand or creating a new brand studio12j can help you to improve your ROI by utilizing all aspects of marketing. By integrating online and print media advertising we can guarantee you see results.

A brands identity is one of the most important tasks when starting a new venture or updating an existing one. Studio12j works with your to make sure your vision is created exactly as you pictured it, with a little help from us.

Our Story

Originally Studio12j started out of Brooklyn New York, in apartment 12j. Dedicating our studio apartment to a design studio we were born. Seven years later and a few thousand miles from Brooklyn in Denver, Colorado we now call the home of Studio12j. Even though we are not at the exact address anymore we always remember where we came from when we say our name and how dedicated and in love we are with what we do.

Research & Development

Research and development are an everyday task here at studio12j. We don’t just do the project but we look you’re competitors and analyze how you can show that have the “it” factor.

We here at studio12j are really geeks at heart. We are constantly testing and researching easier and faster ways to utilize existing and beta technologies to maximize productivity and reduce production time. With technology constantly changing you need some geeks on your side.

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