Branding & Identity

Studio12j looks beyond immediate business needs to frame your project as an ongoing extension of your brand’s core promise. We work with you to establish the representation that stands out from the rest.

Identity Creation

Studio12j works with you to help develop a new identity or even refresh an old one.

Business Identity

Your business identity is the first thing a potential client will see. Let us help make that impact.

Online Marketing

We can create a cohesive online campaign spanning across social media driving traffic where you want to.

Presentation Design

Have a big client meeting coming up? Studio12j can help with your presentation design materials.


Work that is framed solely by business objectives can sometimes do harm to your brand in the long run. If your goal is simply defined as growing sales or generating leads, there are many ways to accomplish these short-term goals that can dilute your brand message or decrease trust in your brand. Just meeting a business goal is not enough. By ensuring that your work is done in a way that is more than just “on brand”, but also aligned with delivering your brand’s promise, Studio12j builds lasting brand value.

Creating an effective brand is something that requires experience.

The design and marketing company you work with needs to ask the right questions in order to get the right concept. By working with Studio12j you will be tapping into years of experience in creating unique brand identities.


Identity is more than an ad campaign, website or logo. It is rather the consistent application of these and other tools to represent and reinforce the message a client wishes to occupy and own in the audience’s mind. Refining an Identity from all the things that could be said to the one thing that should be said is a challenging but invaluable process, one that an organization seeking to establish itself in a sea of competing voices cannot afford to ignore.

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